It’s better to tackle one resolution well than multiple resolutions poorly. 


Greetings & Happy New Year!!

Have you broken your resolutions yet?  A quick google search tells me the top resolutions are:

Exercise more, Lose Weight, Get organized, Learn a new skill or hobby, Save more money/Spend less money, Spend more time with family and friends, Travel more, and Read more.

I’ve got some suggestions to help you achieve these goals. 

Need Exercise?  WALK to copy machine.  Photo Copy this newsletter. WALK to co-workers/friends/neighbors and give them a copy.  If you walk fast, it will feel more like exercise.

Lose Weight:  If you are actually successful at losing weight, please don’t put it somewhere where I can pick it up!  I added a new decade to my age recently and it came with 10 more pounds.  Yesterday, I bought the book: The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation by Wendy Speake.  If you are inclined to start a sugar fast, let me know.  We can encourage each other.

Need to Get Organized?  I stumbled into a tool you might like.  It is called OneTab and is available at  This is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.  It converts all of your open tabs into a list for easy access later and frees up memory resulting in improved computer performance.   When you need to see the tab again, click on the list and it returns to where you left off.  I’m still experimenting with it but it looks promising.

Want to learn a new skill AND save money?  You can do both right here:

Money Saving Expert offers a no-cost, personal finance class via The Open University (  The Open University has hundreds, if not thousands, of no-cost courses categorized into Health, Sports & Psychology, Education & Development, History & Arts, Languages, Money & Business, Nature & Environment, Science, Math & Technology, Society, and Politics & Law. 

I laughed when I read that spending more time with family was a resolution. Apparently, COVID didn’t fulfill that desire for some.  And the longing to travel?  For now, I will stick with Virtual Vacations.  There are lots of places to visit at the home of 360° Photos and Videos.

Last but not least, is the desire to read more.  Did I mention I just bought a book?  A 40-Day Sugar Fast book?  Feel free to read it with me!  Mom always told me that misery loves company.  I will be in misery, and you can be my company!

We added a new computer to the lineup this month.  It is an AMD Ryzen 7 with lights.  See the pictures on our facebook page.   We are open.  Grab your mask and come visit.  We would love to help.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and 

Let’s make 2021 the Best Year Ever!


My Resolution:  Give away things I no longer want!

My resolution: Give away things I no longer want!
Have you made a resolution yet? Are you removing things that are too big to handle? Making changes to your lifestyle?