What we see depends mainly on what we look for. ~John Lubbock

Wanna see what showed up in my inbox last month?

From: Eada Amis <vzladrienmj@outlook.com>   (just a side note: eada means wealthy, amis is French for friends)

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 6:27 PM

To: me@??????.com

Subject: janet – MyRealPassword

Lets get directly to the purpose. None has paid me to investigate about you. You may not know me and you are most likely thinking why you’re getting this e mail?

In fact, I setup a software on the 18+ videos (porn material) site and do you know what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean). While you were viewing videos, your browser began operating as a Remote Desktop with a key logger which provided me with accessibility to your screen and web camera. Just after that, my software gathered your complete contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, as well as e-mail . Next I made a double video. First part shows the video you were watching (you have a nice taste hahah), and next part displays the recording of your web cam, & its u.

There are two different solutions. Lets read up on these types of possibilities in details:

1st alternative is to just ignore this e mail. In such a case, I most certainly will send out your very own video clip to every single one of your contacts and then think concerning the disgrace you will definitely get. In addition in case you are in a committed relationship, exactly how it can affect?

Other option would be to give me $7000. We are going to call it a donation. In this scenario, I will straightaway erase your videotape. You can carry on with your way of life like this never took place and you are never going to hear back again from me.

You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, search “how to buy bitcoin” in Google).

BTC Address to send to: 1qLu2Nc9VYY2ZciPwqKVH7HAGbdGYG4Ge [CASE-SENSITIVE, copy and paste it]

If you may be making plans for going to the cop, very well, this email can not be traced back to me. I have taken care of my moves. I am not attempting to demand very much, I just like to be paid. You have one day in order to pay. I’ve a special pixel in this email, and right now I know that you have read through this email message. If I don’t get the BitCoins, I will certainly send out your video to all of your contacts including close relatives, co-workers, and so on. Nonetheless, if I receive the payment, I’ll erase the video right away. It is a nonnegotiable offer and so do not waste mine time & yours by responding to this email. If you want proof, reply with Yes! then I will send your video to your 5 contacts.

Just to keep the record straight: I don’t hang out on porn sites. I don’t own a web cam. I have way more than 5 contacts. I didn’t buy any bitcoin. I did freak out a little. I did change several passwords.

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