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It’s June! And for a lot of people that means a vacation is just around the corner. I was searching for an original vacation destination and look at what I found. Affectionately called “The Pad”, this 24-story building in Dubai is scheduled to open sometime this year. It was purposely designed to look like a giant iPad sitting in a charging dock. The building is even tilted 6.5 degrees. James Law is the architect. Law aims to fuse technology, software and architecture to create structures that are more responsive to the needs of people. He calls this approach “cybertecture” (as opposed to architecture).

When finished, this building will host 231 “intelligent” apartments with the ability to monitor health, control air filters, monitor security and each apartment will sport a virtual reality wall. The virtual reality wall can project a variety of different world destinations (like a movie screen) or be used to video chat with friends and family. Lights and music can be customized to mirror the moods of residents. (Watch out, if momma ain’t happy….)

When my kids were little, they had no respect for bathroom time. Seems every time I entered, they would need something immediately. Bathroom privacy was not an option. Same is true of this building. The bathroom will monitor weight, blood pressure, internal temperature and “other metrics” (whatever that means) and then display said info on the mirror. I already know I’m fat. Again, I say: if momma ain’t happy…. Although, I can see this bathroom as a wonderful asset in every nursing home in America.

You can read the full article and see all of the pictures here:

So why did I choose to write about a building in Dubai? No particular reason. Guess I’m enamored with all things tech, although I have to say, I think this one is a little bit over the top. But it is in Dubai. Rumor has it, Dubai is pretty extravagant.

It doesn’t matter if your tech needs are as extravagant as “The Pad” or more mundane, I invite you to work with Comp-U-Talk. The slower pace of summer can be the perfect time to upgrade/expand servers and workstations, clean out old files and implement offsite backups. And while I don’t recommend you purposely build your offices at 83.5 degrees, I can recommend some fabulous contractors who might welcome the opportunity to construct something that isn’t Plumb-Square! (And then again, they might want to hurt me, for even suggesting such a thing!)

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