Computer Repairs & Upgrades

R.D. Berry Says: Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the work performed on my computer. I would without hesitation recommend Comp-U-Talk to anyone with computer problems. My computer is now operating better than ever!

Repairs & Upgrades

It’s not a matter of “IF” your computer breaks, it is a matter of “WHEN”.   And when it does, you can call Comp-U-Talk to the rescue!  We stock all of the major components including power supplies, video cards, mother boards, DVD-RW drives, hard drives, RAM and more.

You can purchase the part and install it yourself, or one of our qualified technicians can install it for you.

Here are some signs you may need new parts.  Your computer smells like burning plastic, it is shutting down at random, it is making unusual noises, you are getting messages concerning low drive space, or it is not running the way you feel it should.

If any of these items sound familiar then we highly recommend you call us or stop by the store for a diagnosis.

We proudly stock quality parts distributed by ASUS, Western Digital, Intel and NVIDIA.  And we can special order other brands at your request.