Custom Built Computers

Things to Consider

  • We will never be the cheapest computer.
  • Our Goal is to Provide the best computer at a fair price.
  • Cheap & Best are not synonyms
  • All systems can be customized

A Customer Once Said: I would rather cringe once when I buy it, than cringe every time I use it.

Good: Entry Level System – $620

This is a very solid, no frills computer.  Perfect for general web surfing, email and letter writing.

AMD Ryzen 3.5 GHz, Quad Core CPU, 8 Gigs of RAM (Max of 32 Gigs), DVD-RW, 1 TB Hard Drive,  350 Watt Power Supply, Windows 10 HOME


Better: Professional System – $ 655

Need to keep the cost down and the thru put up?  This is the ticket for you.  The incredibly fast SSD drive will keep you purring for years.

AMD Ryzen 3.5 GHz, Quad Core CPU, 8 Gigs of RAM (Max of 32 Gigs), DVD-RW, 250 Gig Solid State Hard Drive,  350 Watt Power Supply, Windows 10 HOME


Best: “State of the Art” System – $ 915

This is one nice system!  It features the 6 Cpre A<D Ryzen  Processor, an enterprise quality hard drive and lots of RAM.  We don’t see anything on the horizon that is going to tax this system.

3.6 AMD Ryzen, 6 Core processor, 8 Gigs DDR4 RAM, 1 TB Black Hard Drive (extra warranty), integrated video, DVD-RW Drive, 8 USB Ports, 8 channel sound, wired network card, Windows 10 Home.


The Best on Steroids, AKA: Screamin’ Demon System – $1120

The same system as “State of the Art” (above) with the addition of a gamers quality video card, double the RAM and phenomenally fast boot times made possible by the SSD drive.   Video card pricing and availability is “all-over-the-map” right now.  Please call or stop by with questions concerning todays video card options.

3.6 AMD Ryzen, 6 Core processor, 16 Gigs DDR4 RAM, 250 gig SSD Boot Drive, 1 TB Black Hard Drive, DVD-RW Drive, integrated video, 8 USB Ports, 8 channel sound, wired network card, Windows 10 Home.

Upgrade the Hard Drive

1 TB standard to 1 TB Enterprise (5 yr warranty) $35
1 TB Enterprise to 2 TB Enterprise (5 yr warranty) $75
Add a SSD 250 Gig Boot Drive $95


Other Neat Stuff to Add

1 Gigabyte GT710 Video Card $59
Add a 2 Gig GTX1050 Gaming Video Card $Call
Additional 8 gigs of RAM $110
Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro $59
Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student -Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote $160
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016-Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, Outlook $239
Microsoft Office Pro 2016 -Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access $395
1 Year Subscription to Avira Antivirus (for up to 5 devices) $40
19.5″ (aka 20″) Asus LCD Monitor $149
23″ Asus LCD Monitor $209
27″ Asus LCD Monitor $279
Mouse $12
Keyboard $18
Speakers $35
Add Wireless Capabilities $29
Networking $99/hr
Delivery & Setup (restrictions apply) $49
Transfer Data from existing system to new system $90


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