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Happy Spring! This month I want to talk about the differences between file syncing services and backup services. People frequently tell me they are using sync services for their backup. While that is better than not using anything, it does have some hazards. So what is a sync service?

You might recognize sync services by their more popular names: Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. With any of these services, you create an account with a user name and password. The process of creating an account will install a specialized folder onto your computer. Dropbox names their folder “Dropbox”. Microsoft names their folder “OneDrive”. Clever, huh? Once the folders are in place, it is just a matter of saving your important files into this folder. If you frequently take work home, this is a major time saver. When you get home, you can login to your sync service and all the files will be there. If you change a file, add new files or delete files, it will update the office automatically. It is slick! I really like sync services. I’ve been a Dropbox user for years.

So what’s the problem? Ransomeware is the problem. Ransomeware is a vicious virus that encrypts all of your data and throws away the key. As it encrypts your sync folder, you lose your data on every device, not just the infected device. Your best defense against ransomeware is a good backup. And while it is true, sync services normally have a “restore to previous version” button hidden somewhere in the service, they do the restore one file at a time. If you only have 10 files to restore, this is not a huge issue. If you have 100 files, it is still doable, but painful. Have, 1000+ files? Don’t call me. I’m not going to volunteer to help you. I’ll feel sorry for you, but NO, I’m not going to help you restore those files, one-by-one. Even Noah loaded the ark two-by-two. Why should you expect anyone to restore huge numbers of files one-by-one?

The solution? True Backup services. A true backup service isn’t limited to just files in one specific folder. It can backup an entire computer, or just your data folders. It can be configured to keep one copy of each file up to infinite copies of each file. And should a time come when you need to restore files, it can restore everything with a few simple clicks. I’ll say it again: It can restore EVERYTHING with a few simple clicks. That’s way faster than Noah!

I’m a fan of keeping both local and cloud backups. That’s because a local backup isn’t going to help me if my house burns down. But a backup in the cloud, that can protect me from fire, theft and all sorts of calamities. This month I’m offering a “Try-Before-You-Buy” get started package. This is how it works: Call (541-756-8770) or email me.  (Please put “Backup” in the subject line.) I will coordinate my schedule with yours so I can install backup and monitoring software onto your computer. The monitoring software alerts me to possible problems like outdated virus definitions and hackers attempting to take over your computer. I will configure your off site backup. Service for the remainder of April is free. If you appreciate the service, on May 1st, you may continue the subscription for $25/month. If you change your mind, the software will need to be uninstalled and there are no hard feelings. This offer is limited to workstations only. Similar service is available for fileservers at varying costs due to the complexity of file servers. If you are interested in backing up a file server, give me a call (541-756-8770) and we can discuss details.

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