“I need a six month vacation, twice a year.” – Unknown

Last month we chatted about the need for using in private browsing and purchasing plane tickets for the summer vacation.  We all love vacations, however the problem with vacations is either your job waits for you to get back, or a co-worker attempts to fill in for you.  The co-worker filling in for you can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how well they are trained.    So I thought I would introduce you to a training tool.  It’s called the snipping tool.  It’s been around for decades but Windows 11 ramped it up and turned it into a video recorder.

Lets Get Started:

windows search

In your search bar type snipping tool.

Click on the Snipping Tool App

snipping tool

There are two main modes in the snipping tool.  You can take screen shots (still pictures like all of the examples you see in this newsletter),


or you can record videos.


Choose pictures or videos and then click New.

new button

Use the mouse to draw a box around the desired area to capture.  If you are taking screen shots, the area selected will appear in the snipping window and you can use the features on the snipping tool ribbon bar to circle, highlight, save and copy the image.

If you are recording a video, select an area of the screen to capture (drag the mouse to form a box) and click start.


When you are finished with the recording, click Stop.


Your videos automatically save to the Screen Recordings Folder which is a sub folder of videos.

Next time you are doing a complicated project, record it and share it with your co-worker.  It will make coming back to work after a vacation way less stressful!!

Happy Summer,


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