Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.
~Gary Kovacs

Welcome to June and the start of summer.  Hopefully you have an awesome vacation planned.  Every couple of years, we fly to Ohio to visit with Neal’s family.  The tedium of finding plane tickets always lands on my to-do list. Something I’ve noticed over the years is the price of plane tickets can change, sometimes dramatically.  If I want the best price, I need to be ready to purchase immediately, checking back the next day might be harder on my wallet.

But there is something that might help with that.  Microsoft Edge calls it InPrivate browsing.  Chrome refers to it as Incognito. Brave and Firefox refers to it as a Private Window.  All browsers have this capability.  I’m going to refer to this as the “Privacy” feature.

What does the “Privacy” feature do?

Basically, it “forgets” things.  It forgets to keep a record of which websites you visited, what videos you watched, what forums you posted to.  It forgets to save the cookies the website would normally leave, it forgets user names, passwords and information you may have plugged into forms while working on the web.  It will remember (save) everything you download or bookmark. 

Why on God’s Green Earth would you want to forget things?  Here are some examples:

· Are you using a friend’s computer, or a public computer at the library or hotel? Using a private browser on a shared computer will prevent other users from viewing your  search records and browsing history and keeps your passwords from being saved on that device.

· Accessing Several Gmail Accounts? Open each Gmail account in a private tab to effortlessly switch between the accounts without the need to constantly sign in and sign out.

· Gift Shopping? You can keep your ideas and purchases a secret.  The annoying ads for what you were shopping for won’t follow you for the next several weeks.

· Researching a delicate topic? A private browser may save you from embarrassment or revealing a health concern.

· Vacation Planning? Looking for airfares and travel accommodations,  a private browser may help by disabling web tracking — which means ticket sellers are less likely to hike those fares.

What does the “Privacy” feature not do?
Just because the workstation forgets where you have been, don’t assume you can get away with murder.  There are still ways for your employer, your internet service provider and government agencies to track your activities by your IP address. 

Where to find the “Privacy” feature

browser menus

Open the menu on the top right corner of the browser.  It will either be three bars or three dots as pictured above.  Click on the appropriate option at the top of the menu.  You will know you have successfully entered the “Privacy” state because the browser will display a splash screen saying you have entered the “Privacy” mode.

And you thought forgetfulness was an age related disease!  Sometimes forgetting is a good thing!  Have a great summer and travel safe!


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