“Being kind to someone you don’t like doesn’t mean you’re fake, it means you’re mature enough to tolerate your dislike for them.”

(I have no idea who said this, but it is very apropos for the current political climate.)

Do you talk nice to your computer?  You should!

I have customer(s), whom I will affectionately refer to as Buster, to protect their identities,  who tell me they had no idea they were supposed to speak sweet things to their computer.  They never read it in this newsletter.  How could they possibly know, they queried?

So I apologize.  I’ve been remiss.  I failed to mention the positive effects that saying nice things can have on your electronic equipment and co-workers, kids, spouse, significant other, neighbors, complete strangers, and your computer tech!

Seriously though, the absolute hardest problem to solve is the one that only happens at your location and cannot be reproduced at my location.  I’ve seen the videos.  I believe the screen is flickering and the computer is randomly turning off.  How do we fix this?

Since these problems are almost always environmental, we start looking at the physical setting.  Does your wall look like a cable factory exploded?  Are surge protectors plugged into surge protectors?  Your electrical circuit might be having trouble providing an even current. Putting in an Uninterruptable  Power Supply (UPS), also known as Battery Backup, could solve the problem.  A UPS will level out the current.  Newer computers are sensitive to current fluctuations.  When you stabilize the current, you stabilize the computer.

What else is running on the property?  Thirty years ago we  learned the hard way that industrial equipment and arc welders do not politely co-exist with Novell servers.  We also know that

fluorescent lights and network cables are enemies.  Cables aren’t very fond of vacuum cleaners and teething puppies either!

What’s the temperature?  Heat is not a computer’s friend. Neither is dirt.  Keep the system out of direct sunlight.  If you work in a dusty environment, keep the fans cleaned.  If you’re savvy with a screw driver and careful you can clean the innards yourself. Remove the computer cover and blow the dust off the fans with canned air.  If you’re not savvy with a screwdriver, feel free to let us do the spring cleaning.  Besides cleaning the dirt, we can also clean off the spyware and optimize the system to keep it running at it’s best.

Mention you read it in the newsletter, and during the month of April, you can save $15 on a computer spring cleaning.  (Regularly $90, on Sale for $75, until April 30, 2021).

Until next month,

Stay Safe, 

Stay Healthy,

Happy Easter!


Because It Made Me Smile!

(a tree pretending to be a rabbit)