Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.

~Pearl Strachan Hurd

It’s November and time to be thankful. It is doubtful we will know who was elected President for several days and maybe weeks, but at least we can be thankful the political robocalls will stop!  Yeah!!

As we head into a very different holiday season, I would like to remind you to be vigilant concerning your cyber security practices.   It’s tempting to say you are too small or too insignificant, to be hacked.  I can assure you, that is not true. I can also assure you that being hacked will be your worst nightmare.  And hacking is becoming so much easier.  The folks at knowbe4 recorded a short video explaining how hackers are using social media.    It’s a short 2 minute video you can see here: 


The synopsis is:  Social Media is a treasure trove of answers to all of your security questions.  Stop posting your entire life to social media AND configure the security settings to PRIVATE.  There is no reason to share that information with the world.

October has been designated as Cyber Security Awareness Month.  October is now history, but a free training video is still available.  The video is from knowbe4 but I shortened the link from 241 characters to something I thought you could type.  The link is:


Click the arrows in the bottom right corner to advance from section to section. 

The training shares experiences of people who have made huge mistakes and have been fired or demoted because of them.  It also includes suggestions that are easy implemented to protect yourself from similar experiences. 

The take away is:  Learn from the mistakes of others.  It’s much less painful than learning from your own mistakes.  From start to finish, including completing the five question quiz at the end, takes less than 10 minutes.  Watch the video and share it with those you care about.

Covid, Flu, Riots.  It’s a scary season.  As you attempt to make it as “normal” as possible, please heed the advise of aforementioned videos.  

Stay Safe, Stay Calm, and Care On!

Happy Thanksgiving


Ever wake up to what feels like an alternate universe?