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My favorite Microsoft Application is Outlook. I can get by with a myriad of different Word Processors and Spread Sheet applications, but I can’t imagine life without Outlook. But I’ve got to admit, Outlook has an annoying feature. It’s called cache. I mention it, because last month, I had two people who got bit by the cache.

The definition of cache (pronounced cash) is: a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place; store away in hiding or for future use.

When you reply to an email, Outlook automatically stores the email address in cache. Next time you want to email that person, just start typing the address on the To: line and Outlook shows the address from cache, you click on it, and voilà, the address fills in.

So what’s the problem? When you move Outlook to a new computer, the cache doesn’t come with it! So all those email addresses you thought you had saved, they are MIA!

How do you mitigate this? Next time Outlook auto fills an address for you, Right Click on the address and tell it to “Add to Contacts”. If the option “Add to Contacts” isn’t on the menu, then the address is already safely stored in the contacts list.

Other fun features of Outlook:

  • If you use the word “attachment” or “attached” in an email, Outlook will check for an attachment. If it doesn’t find one, it will ask if you would like to attach something before sending. Only caveat: You have to spell “attachment” or “attached” correctly!
  • Waiting for an important email? Turn on alerts. Open the File Menu, Choose Options, Click on Mail. Scroll down to the section titled Message arrival and put a check mark in the box for Display a Desktop Alert and OK your way back out. Want extra special alerts for a certain someone? Highlight an existing email from the someone, Click on Rules, then Create Rules. Put a check mark in the box labeled From someone@special.com. Put a check mark in the “Display in the New Item Alert Window. Click on OK.
  • Want to see the E-mail in one window and the Tasks or Contacts in another? Right click on the second task and choose “Open in New Window”

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 That’s it for this month. Until Next Month, remember to Keep Your Data Safe!


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