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Welcome to November.  The holiday season is officially upon us!  Holidays are typically steeped in good eats and family traditions.  They are also steeped in technology scams.  Here is the list of the sneakiest scams of the 2020 holiday season.  Like the tradition of serving turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, I suspect these scams will come back again this year.  This is what you should watch for as reported by https://money.com/christmas-scams-holiday-scams-2020/

1. Virtual “Holiday Markets”

Premise:  The annual craft fair is cancelled.  Someone is selling tickets for a virtual market on Facebook.  No entrance fee is required during non-pandemic times.  There is a $10 fee to attend the virtual event. 

Caution: Scammers will trick you into spending more on raffle tickets or donations.  They can also steal your credit card info and install malware.

2. “Secret Sister” Gift Exchanges

Premise: Opt to buy one present for a secret sister and receive up to 36 packages in the mail.

Caution: this is the “free money” or pyramid scheme.  Most people will be out the gift and get nothing in return.

3. Gift Card Scams

Premise: A coveted and hard-to-get item  is offered for sale on Facebook or Craigslist.  The catch: you must pay with a gift card.

Caution: Once you give the gift card, it is nearly impossible to get your money back.  And to add insult to injury, the coveted item won’t show up either.

4. Package Delivery Scams

Premise: You get an email from a delivery service (UPS/FedEx) asking for confirmation of personal info before they deliver the package.

Caution: UPS, Amazon, FedEx will never ask for your personal info.  Delete all texts and emails asking for these details.  Remember: you can watch the package travel via the tracking number provided by the company shipping it to you.

5. Bogus Charities

Premise:  People are in a giving mood during the holidays.  Scammers will imitate real charities or set up fake charities.  Needy kids and pets are favorite subject matters.

Caution:  Don’t assume the organization is legitimate.  Look them up on CharityNavigator.org and GuideStar.org.  If you don’t find them there, they might not be a real charity.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with Thanks!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!


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