“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.” ~ Germany Kent

Happy New Year!  It’s time again to make resolutions and then break them.  Ever wonder why the resolutions don’t stick?  The amateur psychologist inside of me suggests it is because: 

  •  It takes too long
  •  It’s too hard
  •  We didn’t make plans to succeed
  •  We didn’t realize how painful failure would be

Let’s talk about YOUR computer security. 

Hacked Computer can be Used for...

Everybody wants to be secure. But who has the time? And how does security happen?  If you are like most, you will think about it later, but later only comes after catastrophe has struck. 

Per Roger Grimes, a Security Awareness Advocate with KnowBe4,  social engineering and unpatched software are,  and have been the top two root causes for successful exploits.  https://blog.knowbe4.com/2020-cybersecurity-predictions-by-knowbe4s-experts

Ever wonder what an exploit would cost? 

each stolen record costs on average $148

In Oregon, effective January 1, 2020, breaches of 250 records have to be reported to the Attorney General and to the entity involved, within 10 days.  That means you get to call or write every victim.  Imagine the embarrassment of explaining what happened! And will the victims continue to use your services?  Is there a better, and more fun, use of your time? 

Getting started with Security doesn’t have to be hard or get in your way. It doesn’t cost a fortune either.  With 24×7 monitoring and regular patching of software,  I can minimize the likelihood of breaches.  If you are worried about your current security, Call me.  

Apathy is not a valid excuse!

~ janet

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