“Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Greetings!  By the time you get this newsletter, 2020’s Independence  Day Celebration will most likely be history, just like a customers data!

Why do I say that?  Another computer bit the dust.  Eventually, that computer will be yours. Computers, like people, eventually die.  It’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

My first job after graduating business school was insurance sales.  My boss wanted me to focus on life insurance sales because life insurance paid higher commissions than car insurance.

I was living in Corvallis, a predominantly college town.  All of my contacts were college students or recent college grads.  The people in my circle of influence had NO money.  I was desperate.  I went to the morgue and inquired about the cost to die.  It was one on the best interviews of my life.  The undertaker gave me a tour, answered my questions, and implanted into my memory things I will never forget.  I won’t swear to the actual numbers, but back in 1983 a paupers cremation was nearly a grand.  If you wanted an average funeral, you needed to spend five grand.  Grief stricken and guilt ridden family members would shell out much more, because grief and guilt are easily assuaged with fists full of cash.

Why do I tell this story?  Death is expensive, but it can be planned for.  Plan your funeral.  Save some cash.  Plan your computer’s funeral.  Save some cash.

The customer system that died…  It had no backup.  They purchased a top of the line computer with RAIDed hard drives.  RAID means there are multiple hard drives sharing the data.  If one drive dies, the other drive(s) continue to function and you can still recover the data.  But you know what?  If the motherboard dies, or the RAID controller dies, this recovery process becomes a whole bunch more difficult and way more expensive. It’s  $3000-$8000 more difficult because we have to send those RAIDed hard drives out to a specialist to recover the data. 

Did you know you can protect your data for less than  $100?  A good quality external hard drive can be plugged into your computer and Windows 10 backup can be configured to run backups daily.  Basic backups can literally be setup in roughly 10 minutes.  We have drives and instructions in stock.

Need better protection?  We can send your data to the cloud.  Cloud backups protect  data from computer failure AND environmental catastrophe.  If you have been watching the news lately, you know wind, water and fire are not the only source of catastrophe.  Looters, rioters and demonstrators can wreak some havoc as well.

And… It’s affordable.  A personal computer can be protected for $1/per day.  Business servers, because of their complexity will cost more.  As an added bonus, our backup plans will alert me if your backup fails.  (It’s a huge jaw drop to discover your backup has been failing and nobody knew about it.) Learn from the mistakes of others.  Schedule your install today.  You don’t have to bring the computer in.  I don’t have to come to you, so all those social distancing rules and spritzing down surfaces can be avoided.  There is no charge for install and configuration as long as you have a high speed internet connection and you schedule your install before end of July.  Read the Dr Martin Luther King Quote again:  “Wait” has almost always meant “Never”.

Stay Safe, Call Me!

~ Janet

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