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March 2017

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Any one who keeps learning stays young. 

~Henry Ford


I learned something this month and thought I would share.  I make a lot of PDF files through out the month.  They are easy enough to do.  I get out my handy-dandy Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Publisher - all of them will do this), type up what I want to say and when I save the project, I take an extra step and click the dropdown box and choose to save the document as a PDF.  The advantage of saving as a PDF is that any device can open it.  All the recipient needs is a copy of Adobe Reader, a free utility available for Windows computers, Mac computers, IPads, IPhones, Android Phones and a myriad of tablets.  Adobe Reader is available at (uncheck optional offers).  By saving my correspondence as PDF, I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues between my software and someone else's.  PDF is compatible with everything!  My only complaint has been the ability to actually sign what I send.  Then I discovered  how to sign what I send!  Will wonders never cease!


Presumably you are keeping up with the latest Adobe Reader Updates.  If you are, you may have noticed the new menu pane on the right side of the window.  It presents a tease concerning converting your PDF file into a Microsoft Word file.  If you click, it requests an Adobe user name and password with hopes you will subscribe to a monthly service that will indeed allow you to convert the PDF into a file you can edit via Word.  In fact, the majority of options in the right hand window will entice you to subscribe to a monthly service.  But there is one option that is free and useful!  It’s the Fill & Sign.  Fill-n-sign

Clicking Fill & Sign will open a new menu bar at the top of the document.  On the far right of this menu is the option to Sign.



From there it is pretty straight forward. 


Choose to Add Signature or Add Initials. Either of those choices will open the option to Type, Draw, or use a scanned image of your signature. 


If you leave the check mark in place on the “Save signature” or “Save initials” it will be there for you to use again in the future. 


Clicking the Apply button will let  you place the newly created signature anywhere in the document.  Just click the mouse to make it stick.  To save the newly revised PDF, click on the File menu (Top Left) and choose “Save” or “Save As”.

Bare in mind, this is an Electronic Signature.  It looks like it is your signature but in truth it could be anyone.  If you need to know for certain the person signing is really the person signing, then you need to use a digital signature.  Those are available through


Looking forward to Spring!




Because it made me laugh and I have diabolical tendencies!


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