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February 2017

One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening. – Franklin P. Jones



In my real life, I’m writing a cook book.  It is important to me to pass down the family recipes to the girls.  I know for certain that my vegan daughter can hardly wait for my family famous recipe of BBQ Chicken or Beef Stroganoff.  In my dreams she will fall in love with a Paleo practicing body builder and will learn to spice up those green breakfast smoothies with bacon and butter! 


I was reviewing January’s recipe,  it went like this:

Several Days of Bitter Cold

A Handful of Days with Snow

1+ Day of Flood Waters

1 week of Flu for me followed by

1 week of Flu for my spouse

Add a touch of Mama Drama for spice, color and texture and I guarantee this January recipe was a bitter mess.  I don’t think this recipe will make it into the family favorites.


But there were bright spots.  A loyal reader and friend, Robin, writes:  I need to pick up an inexpensive SKYPE camera with microphone and the array of info on the internet is overwhelming – any suggestions? 


Thanks for the question Robin!  Sometimes I think the only people who read this newsletter are the employees, because they are forced to proof it for me.  Your question makes me feel loved and appreciated. 


For the uninitiated:  Skype is free software used to make video phone calls.  Grandparents love it.  It allows them to call and see the grandkids living afar. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of  Skype.  I think it  makes me look like a middle-aged, fat, white woman when obviously I’m still youthful, slender, and above average.  


To make Skype work you need the software which can be downloaded here:


You will also need a camera and microphone.  I asked co-worker Michael if he had a favorite camera, because, again, I don’t like cameras and this is what he says:  The Microsoft LifeCam series (HD-3000, Cinema, Studio) of webcams are the most seamless solution for Skype on Windows 10.  Drivers and support are integrated into Windows 8 and later, additional software is not required.  While not integrated, drivers are available for Windows 7.


The LifeCam HD-3000 is sufficient for casual video calls up to HD quality and the LifeCam Cinema improves upon this with a wide angle lens so you can fit more people in the viewing area.  The LifeCam Studio is more suited for the potential of capturing up to 1080p content using third party software to make your own videos for sharing or uploading; such as a video blog on YouTube or other social media. 


I’ve created a page on Comp-U-Talk’s Website that will link directly to these three cameras so you can see all the details and purchase thru Amazon.   You can access it at:


Thanks for reading.  If you have suggestions for things you would like to see covered in future newsletters, send them my way. 





Because it made me laugh and and it has a small resemblance to what my life feels like right now!


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