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October 2016

No one grows old by living. Only by losing interest in living.
~ Marie Beyon Ray


Final reminder: Windows 7 is retiring. If you are currently relying on software that won’t run on Windows 10, this is the last chance to get a new computer running Windows 7. Microsoft will officially stop supplying Windows 7 on October 31. Warehouses will try to stock up, and hopefully that supply will last an extra month maybe two, but once they’ve sold thru the stockpile it will be GONE!! FOREVER!! We can still build Windows 7 machines. See standard configurations here.

And this came across my desk this week: How to Set Your Google Account to Automatically Delete (or Share) Upon Your Death:

Google owns Gmail and supposedly Gmail has 1 billion users. There is a good chance you might be one of them. While no one enjoys discussing their eventual demise, statistics say there is a 100% percent chance that 100% of people will die. So with that in mind, I followed the instructions at the link above and gave Neal access to my junk mail account. It was a quick setup. The link above will take you thru the steps to configure which includes how long the account has to be inactive before it will automatically transfer over to your designated person or be deleted forever. The hardest part is writing the final letter to your trusted contact(s).

I figured if Gmail had this as an option, then other free email services might include this as an option as well. So I created a Yahoo account with the sole purpose of finding out. I was confused! Yahoo specifically states they will not transfer the account to anyone. Best they can do is close the account. You can see their official response here:

And since I was wondering about what happens to things when you die, I followed a rabbit trail (or two) and landed at I don’t have any affiliation with them. I don’t get any commission from them (which is a real bummer). But they do offer an impressive digital archive, where you can store information like where you have hidden your passwords and so much more. There is a 30 day free trial and affordable pricing if you choose to continue—just in case this post has spurred you into action.

That’s the skinny for this month. I hope to geek with you again next month with even more skinny - skinny is a result of the Seagull diet.



 And, because it made me laugh: Seagull gets the ice cream!


Seagull gets the ice cream