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August  2015

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Windows 10 was released, on time, on July 29. Tech Republic reports that more than 14 million users downloaded the free upgrade in the first 24 hours after release. Fourteen Million! That's amazing!

Here at the store we are getting calls from concerned users wondering whether or not they should upgrade. Here is my answer: There are three types of technology users in the world. I will refer to the first group as the "Cutting Edge". They are the users who enjoy being the first person on the block to boast a new technology. They like the newness, they don't mind learning new ways to do everyday things, they have the finances to afford the new google glasses, the latest release of the iPhone, the just introduced gadget. This group is called the "Cutting Edge" because frequently, the new technology causes bleeding. If you don’t mind a little bit of bleeding and you have the time and resources to upgrade, then yes, this upgrade is a good fit for you.

The second group I'll refer to as the "Avoiders". These are the people who avoid any kind of change. If left to their own devices they would still use a typewriter and carbon paper for their written communications. If this describes you, then installing the Windows 10 update is guaranteed to make you absolutely miserable. I would recommend avoiding it.

I call the third group the "Observers". This group is willing to watch the Cutting Edge bleed. They are willing to listen to the horror stories of the early adopters, sometimes they are even sympathetic. When they see the kinks worked out, and the price drop to something more realistic, then they adopt the new technology. Admittedly, I'm in this group. But… I do have a couple of nonproduction computers running Windows 10 so I can learn at my own pace. Having said all of that, my recommendation is to wait.

Some of the industry leaders have offered similar advice. Tech Republic is concerned about an abundance of privacy violations that are installed by default when Windows 10 is installed. If you are part of the Cutting Edge crowd, then you will want to read through this article and turn off several features to safe guard your computing experience. The article can be found here.

And Stu at offers this warning: "Microsoft is in the process of releasing their new Windows 10 Operating System. This is an upgrade that you do not pay for, promises to fix problems with earlier versions, and claims to be more secure. They plan to upgrade a billion personal computers, causing inevitable confusion among PC users.

"Bad guys are trying to exploit this confusion. You might get calls from scammers that claim to be Microsoft tech support and try to charge you for the upgrade using your credit card.

"Be very careful with any email claiming to be from Microsoft about "your Windows 10 Upgrade". Make sure that any links in the email really go to Microsoft. Better yet, do not click on any link or open any attachment, but go to the Microsoft website for more information." Here is the link:

Already, scammers have started sending emails with what they claim is a zipped copy of Windows 10 attached. If you open the zipped file you will be the immediate recipient of CBT-Locker ransomware. If you don't want to learn the idiosyncrasies of bitcoin, then I would recommend you avoid opening attachments claiming to come from Microsoft.

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