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January  2015

A writer once asked a literary agent: "What kind of writing pays the most?"
Her answer was simple: "Ransom notes."



I love the quip above. I can't remember where it came from but it makes me giggle. In my day dreams I'm a writer. In my day dreams I write out of spite for my college professor who told me I had zero command of the English language. And in my day dreams I'm world famous (for writing of course!). As a new year starts, it is customary to look forward and make resolutions to improve, to change, to start new things. So I offer the following words of encouragement, which I received couple of months back from a colleague I follow occasionally:

"It fascinates me how many people let a single thing prevent their success. It's subtle, and insidious, and almost can't be seen. I'm talking about THE FENCE.
The Fence is the thing you "sit on" when you're facing a big opportunity, or a big challenge (which are often the same thing). It's the thing that holds you back from taking decisive action when you have a big chance. The Fence is what keeps you inside your comfort zone, and afraid to change things.
It's really important to get off that Fence. It's the ENEMY of your success." ~Danny Iny, Firepole Marketing

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And an update: Last month I gave you several tips concerning staying safe. You may recall this this tip:

Tip #5: People are still getting calls from "Windows". I've mentioned this in the past, but I will mention it again; there is no company named "Windows". Windows is a product. It is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft will not call the end user. If you get a call claiming your computer has errors and they just want to help you "clean it up", you have my permission to tell them you own a Mac. Normally, I don't condone lying, but this is the fastest way to get them off the phone.

The update and an apology. Mom taught me to never lie and last month I got a subtle reminder as to why. My suggestion that you tell this company you own a Mac bit me in the butt. "Windows" called my house. I told them I owned a Mac and hung up. The "Supervisor" immediately called me back, claimed to work for "Apple & Windows" and offered to fix my errors. I got rid of them when I said I was aware of their scam and there was no way I was going to let them take remote control of my computer. I suggest you respond the same.

And a reminder: All Comp-U-Talk computers are custom built with your choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8. When you buy local, you support the local economy and get local support. Added bonus: local support speaks English fluently. Current pricing is here.

Hoping the new year will be your best year,