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November  2014

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Last month I told you about the demise of Windows 7. I've been a Microsoft partner for close to 30 years. I joined the partnership program when Windows 3.1 was all the rage. Does anyone other than me still remember Windows 3.1? In all of my years with Microsoft I don't remember any other time where Microsoft opted to discontinue just part of a product line, but that is what they have opted to do for Windows 7. As of October 31, 2014 they are no longer manufacturing or distributing Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate. They will continue to manufacture and distribute Windows 7 Professional.

So what's the difference between the versions? Home Premium, as you might guess, is designed for the home user. It will play videos and games, access the internet and email and pretty much everything the basic, home user would want to do. Windows Ultimate includes everything Home Premium has plus it includes additional programs for the video enthusiast. The Professional version includes everything the Home Premium version has plus the ability to connect to a server, also called a domain, for interoffice sharing of files, improved networking and security. Regardless of which version you own, Microsoft will continue to create security patches and updates until January 2020.

Should you care? If you already own a computer running Windows 7 then probably not. However, if you are still a hold out with Windows XP then you might want to consider replacing your computer sooner rather than later. We purposely over purchased copies of Windows 7 Home Premium with the intention of being able to offer the basic operating system beyond the October 31 deadline. Once stock is gone your options will be to pay an additional $49 and get a computer with Windows 7 Professional, or grit your teeth and learn the new operating system: Windows 8.1. And just in case you haven't heard: Windows 8/8.1 has not been well received. My recommendation: Stay with Windows 7!

If you are a business then this is also the time of year to start considering your 2014 tax liabilities. If your business is making money the IRS will allow you to expense up to $25,000 on items that normally would be depreciated. Of course, there are exceptions and regulations and fine print that goes with expensing equipment. Your tax accountant can keep you in the fine and narrow, and you can read about the process by googling "Section 179". I mention this because computers are frequently purchased with the intention of expensing them and I unabashedly will say, I would love to earn your business. If you are needing or thinking about a computer purchase, please consider purchasing thru Comp-U-Talk. Current pricing is here.

Happy Computing and Happy Thanksgiving,