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September  2014

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."
Beverly Sills - Opera Singer (1929 - 2007)



I can't believe it is September already! There is something about the end of summer vacation and the start of the school year that motivates me to clean up around the house and office and start new things. Maybe it's the canning of tomatoes or the pulling out of the dead bean plants, but something definitely triggers a desire to start fresh.

Maybe you are looking to freshen up your computer. It's a good idea to periodically blow the dust out and remove the temp files to keep your computer working at it's best. It's easy to do. Go to My computer, right click on the hard drive, choose properties from the menu then click Disk Cleanup. Listen to it spin and whir and after a few minutes it will give you a list of what can safely be deleted. Place check marks in the boxes and click OK. Answer Delete Files to confirm and Wha-La, You're Done! It’s easier than watching your spouse take out the garbage!

If you need a deeper clean to remove malware and viruses then take advantage of the coupon below to save $20 on an in-store service. If you are thinking about replacing an older computer, remember, we can still sell Windows 7. Click here for more details..



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Technology That Makes Us Smile





This talking Canadian robot is hitching rides across Canada, and she/he has made it halfway across the country so far. HitchBot started in Nova Scotia and is traveling west to British Columbia, which is almost 4,000 miles. It is documenting its journey through Facebook, Instagram, and on its website, making it an interesting social experiment.


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