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August  2014

“Worry doesn't help tommorrow's troubles but it does ruin today's happiness.”

- Gary A. Freedman



 Happy August! As we enter the hottest month of the year, it might be appropriate to talk about one the major causes of computer failure — HEAT.

Heat damages the insides of your computer, similar to what happens to the elastic in your underwear when you dry them in a hot dryer multiple times. Eventually, they lose their elasticity and become dry and crumbly.

So how can you prevent heat? First, keep the computer components clean, especially the fans. This is easily accomplished by taking the side off of the case and using a can of air to blow the dust out. This is best done with the computer turned off and outside. Need air? Need help? Come see us, we will show you how.

Second, turn the computer off. I know the debates about leaving the computer on vs turning the computer off. I know that some computers are required to stay on because they are servers or they need to perform backups after hours, but for those that don’t have to be left on—turn them off. Not only will you save on your electric bill, you will also lengthen the life of the computer.



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