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September  2013

Wouldn't it be a tragedy to get to the top of the ladder and find you placed it against the wrong wall?   Henry Blackaby

It's back to school time. I have to be careful about how happy I sound when I say that or my youngest will claim I'm trying to get rid of her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every day I am amazed that God could create a child who can go to bed at 11 p.m., sleep until 11 a.m., get up, eat, shower, text and needs to take a nap at 2 p.m.! Of course I am jealous! I have suffered with sleep disturbance since adolescence and I feel incredibly blessed to get more than 5 hours of sleep in a row. But I digress!

Back to school comes with an urge to shop. As a mother, I'm shopping for paper and pencils but my three girls are more inclined to shop for clothes and accessories and I have stumbled into some amazing clothes and accessories web sites. For instance, you can now purchase computerized clothing such as smart shirts and musical jackets. While I can't say I'm ready to be a walking radio, I am impressed that they can make a fabric that entertains. More importantly, it can be used in medical and military scenarios. The complete story is here:

I've been wearing glasses since the 4th grade and when I heard Google was making glasses I was confused. Normally, I consider Google my best friend, but I'm not certain I want my best friend correcting my eye sight! So what is oogle glass? These glasses will take the most recent communications from your smartphone and show them to you via a tiny screen attached to a glasses-like frame. They send texts, take photos and show maps. They are in beta now (testing before release to the masses). You can read more here.

Successful social engineers first determine where their target is on this scale, and then select an attack that will have the highest degree of success with that person, trying to closely match their target's look on life.I'm never fully dressed without a watch and you guessed it, there are several companies forging into the smart watch market. Like google glass, they connect to your phone and interact via apps. Standard features include receive messages, screen calls, play & pause music from your phone. I'm not certain why I need a $150 watch to do this when I can do it directly through my phone. Maybe my age is beginning to show. You can read more here.

I&I'm female. I'm cold. I wear gloves. And I have got to say: I hope this glove phone becomes main stream. Basically, it is a blue tooth device with an earpiece in the thumb and speaker in the pinky. The perfect way to communicate on cold days and still keep your fingers warm. Watch the video here:

I'm learning new stuff. Hopefully, you are too! If you are shopping for a new computer, we would love to see you. Take a look at our specials here.