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As mentioned several times over the previous months, Windows XP has reached "End of Distribution". This is Microsoft Speak for: "We aren't going to sell it any more." Consequently, sales of Windows XP is limited to "stock on hand". We currently have a limited number of both Windows XP Home and XP Pro in stock. If you are thinking about upgrading, then you should do it soon. Otherwise, your options are limited.

Microsoft has announced October 22, as the first day of distribution for Windows 7. Between now and then, Vista is the only game in town. As of end of June, there are two flavors of Vista - Vanilla and Hunky-Chunky. The Vanilla flavor is just that. You get which ever version of Vista requested - with no extras. The Hunky-Chunky flavor gives you which ever version of Vista you desire PLUS a coupon for a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released in October.

So what's so great about Windows 7? Mostly, its not Vista! Vista has a bad reputation, especially in business scenarios. It doesn't network politely and it is forever asking permission to let programs run. Windows 7 is reported to have corrected that.

Currently, I am experimenting with Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate). The RC version is Microsoft's last ditch effort to test and remove all bugs before selling it to the general public, and I have to say, that while I haven't had huge amounts of time to play with it, nor have I had the opportunity to simulate business on it, the initial feel is solid. I like it. I especially like the snip-it tool, which allows you to capture any part of the screen and save it as a file. How fun is that?

If you would like a preview, stop by the store and sneak a peak.

If you procrastinated replacing your current computer with a new one, and you still desire Windows XP because of compatibility issues with current programs, or just because... Come see us. Supply is limited.

To happier computing,