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January 2008


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." -- Warren Buffett

A Brand New Year!! I'm so excited. I get to start over, do things differently, try new stuff. Like exercise - which shouldn't be confused with chocolate. However, if you really try, you can exercise with chocolate. It's simple. Get a five pound chocolate bar and lift it several times from the start arm position to the shoulder. This is called an arm curl. You do this until your arm gets tired. To exercise the neck muscles, every time the chocolate bar reaches shoulder height, turn your heads towards the bar and take a bite. The exercise is considered complete when the chocolate bar is gone, or when you have achieved a diabetic coma. But I digress! Back to the task at hand:

If learning something is new on your resolution this year, I would suggest a look at the new Vista operating system. It's pretty (I'm a girl and pretty is important), there are new gadgets, new games, security features are everywhere, and there are bunches of freebies available too! As part of their marketing plan, Microsoft has joined forces with several reputable companies to offer rewards and incentives when you purchase new computers running Vista, Office 2007, or Small Business Server 2003 through a local authorized Microsoft Reseller. This is not an offer available through major mail order or department store channels. It is available through Comp-U-Talk!

If Vista isn't for you, and there are several reasons why you might think that, Comp-U-Talk can still custom build a Windows XP box for you. Unfortunately, XP does not qualify for the Free Stuff, but Office 2007 will.

Like all offers, there are terms and restrictions that apply. The following is the actual Microsoft Sanctioned advertisement concerning the offer.

To happier computing,