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June-July 2007


"Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I am just as happy when I had $48 million." - Arnold Scharzenegger

Last month I told you I was studying for a certification exam. This month, I'm proud to proclaim that I have passed the exam and I am now a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Q: So what exactly is a Small Business Specialist?

A: A Small Business Specialist is a Microsoft Partner who is specially trained to support the IT needs of a small business.

Q: What can a Microsoft Small Business Specialist do for my business?

A: Since the needs and resources of a small business are different from that of a large organization, so is the Microsoft Small Business Specialist. A Small Business Specialist often acts as both a consultant and as a de-facto onsite IT professional - designing, configuring, implementing and maintaining IT solutions for a small business.

Q: Why do small businesses need a specialist?

A: The Microsoft Small Business Specialist program was developed in response to input from customers and partners, who expressed a need to build easier connections that enable small business customers to quickly and easily identify those technology partners best suited to support them. A Small Business Specialist is local, so he or she can support your company easily.

Q: What kind of training does a Microsoft Small Business Specialist have?

A: A Microsoft Small Business Specialist must pass a technical exam and a small business sales and marketing assessment test in order to be awarded the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation. A Small Business Specialist also has access to specialized Microsoft training and readiness opportunities. In addition, your Small Business Specialist is a Microsoft Partner Program member.

Q: How can a Small Business Specialist help my business?

A: Hiring a Microsoft Small Business Specialist will help you quickly and very easily identify the technical partner that is best suited to support your needs. They can identify solutions that will drive more efficiency in your business process and extend your company's capabilities to work with customers, suppliers and vendors.

To happier computing,