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April-May 2007


It is nice to hold a conversation, but you should let go of it now and then. ~ Unknown

This month's newsletter is a repeat of last month; partly because I'm busy studying for a certification test and partly because we had a wonderful response to the coupon. So if you missed the newsletter and coupon from last month, here it is again. Extra coupons are available online at just in case you want to share with a friend!

Welcome to Spring! The sunshine feels so good. It makes me want to crawl out of my cocoon and turn into a butterfly or something! But it also means it is time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. A couple of weekends ago, my teenager shamed me into weeding the front flower garden. It looked so good when I had finished I became anxious to tackle the rest of the yard. But the weather turned gray and obnoxious so I moved indoors where my girls and I attacked the clutter and the closets. And the clutter trail eventually ended at my home office desk.

So there I was, surrounded by bank statements, credit card receipts, report cards, and papers too precious to throw away, wondering how all this "stuff" ever got so out of control. And while I was sorting and filing I thought I would make dual use of the time and clean my computer as well. So I blew out the dust, updated the virus definitions, downloaded the critical and not so critical updates, defragmented the drive, removed the temporary files, scanned for malware and spyware and took out the trash. And, because I know how, I also turned off all unnecessary services and optimized my startup routine. My computer runs much nicer now, which brings me to the topic of this month's newsletter.

If you would like to include your computer as part of your spring cleaning routine, take advantage of the coupon below. A few dollars spent on dust removal could save you bunches on replacing dirt clogged, overheated, burned out parts.

To happier computing,