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September 2006

We live every single moment of our lives inside of our mind. The better we learn to use our mind, the better we live! ~Dennis Gaskill

Well I noticed that not one of you met me at the courthouse with extra rope last month. But I will forgive you. While I had to appear several times I wasn't chosen to serve. Seems attorneys don't want jurors who believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions. Especially those actions performed while drunk.

So this month I'm off to better things. The kids are back in school, I'm working towards a new certification and David put together a quick tutorial on how to filter incoming email. So I figured, since the kids are learning new things, and I'm learning new things, maybe you would like to learn new things as well. So with thanks to David, here are the steps to send all mail not originating from someone on your address book, into the Spam folder. Before you follow these steps be certain to add to your address book so you continue to receive any service notices from me!

First, open up Outlook Express.

Before we can create a rule to sort our mail, we need to make a folder to hold all the spam. Right mouse click on the inbox folder and left click on "New Folder"...

name it "Spam" and left click on the "Ok" button in the top right.

Now that we have the folder, lets make our rule to sort the mail. Click on Tools at the top, select Message Rules and then select Mail.

This brings up a new window titled New Mail Rule. Make sure to put a check in the top option in the top two sections ("Where the from line contains people" and "Move it to the specified folder"). Doing that sets the rule to sort by sender and move if it matches our settings.

Next we click on the blue link in the 3rd box that says contains people. This brings up the Select people window.

Click on the button labeled Address book and it brings up a new window called Rule Addresses. This should show your address book in the left hand side.

We need to select everyone from the address book and put them into the currently blank list on the right. To do this click on the top person in your address book list on the left and hold down the [SHIFT] key. While holding [SHIFT] press the [END] key. This should highlight all the names on the left. Now click on the From-> button between the lists and the list on the right should fill up with all the people on the left.

Next click on the Ok button at the bottom. Now we have to make sure that the rule moves everything that is not from our list to the Spam folder. To do this click on the Options button on the right.

This brings up the Rule Condition Options window. All we have to do is put the dot in the second option for part 1, as shown. Then click Ok.

Now we find ourselves back at the New Mail Rule window. If you'll notice, the first blue link is now much longer. We need to change the second blue link titled specified. To do so, just click on it.

This brings up the Move window. All we need to do here is to select the spam folder and click on Ok.

Back again with the New Mail Rule window. We're almost done. We have to give our rule a name, and we do that by clicking in the fourth box and typing the word spam. When done, your rule should look like the picture to the right. If so, click Ok.

From the message rules window we can Modify our existing rule (to add more email addresses), OR Apply the rule now by clicking Apply now OR just click Ok to close. You may still have spam in your inbox from before we made this rule, so I recommend Apply now.

And with that, we're done. You'll still need to check the spam folder from time to time to make sure you aren't throwing away something special from someone who's not on your list, but otherwise just delete the contents of the spam folder from time to time and enjoy your email! ~David

To Happier Computing,