April 2006

People who know what they are talking about can afford to use words that everyone understands.

Thinking about chucking that huge monitor and replacing it with a new slimmer version? Here are some things you should know about monitors:

The big and bulky monitors are called CRT's. The thin monitors are called LCD's. There are advantages to either style.

CRT Advantages

LCD Advantages

Lower purchase price

Lower cost of ownership. It is estimated that a 17" LCD will cost $11.43 a year to operate. Whereas the CRT will cost $22.80. ?

Shows truer colors & preferred by the graphic artist industry for its clarity and true-to-life color matching

No flicker. Better brightness. Better focus.

Can respond faster to video and fast action games. Does not leave a ghost on the screen.

Provide geometrically perfect, distortion-free images.

Good display at wide viewing angles

Longer life span. Life is estimated at 50,000 hrs vs 20,000 for a CRT.

Can switch between multiple viewing resolutions.

Causes no electromagnetic interference.


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