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June 2005

The greatest accomplishments ever achieved have been done little by little.

Did you know your e-mail is available to you, even when you are traveling? You can retrieve it from (Notice there is no www in this address.) You can also pick up e-mail by following the link from the left side of

I thought I would spend a few minutes and give you some tips for using the online e-mail. First, when it asks for your e-mail address it wants the complete address, including the ''. Second, the password is case sensitive. That means there is a difference between capital letters and little letters. Third, if you put a check mark in the box that says remember my name and password, then every time you come to this page, it will ALWAYS AND FOREVER, automatically display your e-mail without asking who you are. I DO NOT recommend putting a check mark in that box unless you have just one e-mail account, you only access it through your own personal computer, and no one else ever uses your computer.

Once your e-mail is displayed on the screen, there are some things you can do to enhance your e-mail experience.

Turn on the e-mail size:

q Click on Options in the Menu area

q Click on the section labeled Index Order

q The word 'size' is displayed in a drop down box. Click on the button to add size to the screen.

q In the Display Control pane (left side of screen), click on the word 'INBOX'. Your Content Display pane (big white box on the right) will have an additional column displaying the size of the e-mail.

Set up a folder for the Spam:

q Click on Folders in the Menu area

q Type the word SPAM in the blank box

q Click on the Button

q In the Display Control Area, (left pane) Click on the words (Check mail). The Spam folder will be listed under the Inbox.

Create a rule for e-mails marked as Spam to automatically go to the Spam folder:

q Click on Options in the Menu area

q Click on the section labeled Message Filters

q Click on the underlined word [New]

q On the Match line, use the drop down arrow and choose ?Subject?

q On the line titled 'Contains' Type (SPAM) [include the parentheses and type it in capital letters]

q On the Move to line, use the drop down arrow and choose INBOX.SPAM

q Click on the button.

q In the Display Control Section (left pane) click on Inbox

Have a Merry Summer!